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I have been on the road of dreams with wild ambitions since I was a teenager. I started looking for sources of inspiration in the early days of my very youth, and I had a strong desire to dive deeper into musical knowledge.

I decided to work harder on myself and develop my craft since I wanted to write songs with meaningful lyrics in which I would express my anger, lust, sensuality, and sexual aggression.

I have always been open to suggestive experiments to create my own style. I spent a number of years working on my debut album which will hopefully be released in the autumn of 2023. It’s a mixture of different influences such as Retro-Pop, R’n’B, Disco-House, LoFi, Ballads, and Rock.


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I became an upgraded version of myself I would never ever have imagined I could ever be. I’m very grateful for all the disappointments and disillusions I’ve been through over the past ten years.The wall I built between me and the rest of the world had secretly re-connected me to music on a much deeper level and in a very different way which makes me believe that at the end of the day, I’ve generously been rewarded and given the uncovered skills by the Creator for the patience and tolerance I’ve had toward a good number of evil souls.    

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